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Audio Sliders is an amazing substitute for the Windows Volume Control.
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Audio Sliders is an amazing substitute for the Windows Volume Control. The program is compact, packed with features, and five times smaller than the Windows version.
Its interface is smart and user-friendly, allowing you to control different levels like volume, bass and treble, playback and recording in five customizable layouts, which gives you the possibility to save and restore the levels.
Among other features you will find:
Hotkeys for fast volume control
Five fully customizable layouts in an easy-to-use interface.
Supports multiple sound cards and mixers.
Available in 17 languages.

Hotkeys to remotely control most CD and Mp3 players, including Winamp, Quintessential CD, Sonique.... One hotkey can be used in all players. Auto-created submenus may control any installed player. If there's no external CD or Mp3 player active, the built-in CD player has all the primary features demanded for playing Audio CDs. It can interpret track info used by any Windows CD Player, and employs the same hotkeys as the external player.

A large semi-transparent On Screen Display (OSD) pops up when a hotkey is pressed, and shows the volume level or the name of the song and the playback position. This display likewise allows you to change the volume level, to select the track or the playback position, and to pause or stop playback.

Luis Sanchez
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  • It even supported my TV tuning card


  • No Vista support
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